Recreational park

Green spaces ideal for a direct contact with nature, breathing fresh air is what Hacienda La Lucha offers to live a unique experience, just 1 hour from San Jose.









We recommend entering with a 4×4 vehicle if you wish to travel beyond the lake area and camping area #1. Other vehicles may have difficulties to travel, especially in the rainy season (May-November).

Camping areas

Zone # 1

The camping area by the Muni Lake is a true paradise for nature lovers. 

Here, campers can relax in the surrounding forest.

Private Bathroom



Zone # 2

This area offers campers a secluded and tranquil experience. Here, they can enjoy the natural beauty of the farm, explore the surrounding trails and relax amidst serene surroundings.

Private Bathroom


Only 4x4 vehicles


The trails that extend from Lake Muni invite adventurers to immerse themselves in nature and discover its hidden beauty. Hacienda La Lucha has more than 35 km of trails covered with lush trees and vegetation.


The waterfall is the prize for those who venture to explore the trails of Hacienda La Lucha, offering an unforgettable experience in the middle of nature.

Boat or kayak ride

The boat ride on the picturesque lake in the recreational park of Finca "La Lucha" is an experience that captivates all visitors. Whether enjoying a ride as a couple or sharing moments with friends and family.

Downhill track

The "El Cabuyal" track is an iconic downhill track in the world. It hosts major international events, where long trails specially designed for this sport extend. Along the route. Hacienda La Lucha offers a natural and safe environment for those looking to experience the thrill of mountain biking in a unique setting.

More than 60 km of trails

Trails designed specifically for mountain biking events. Offering a variety of terrain and difficulty levels to suit all types of riders, from beginners to experts.


We are located in Hacienda La Lucha, 45 minutes from Cartago, following the Interamerican Highway south in the Los Santos Zone, the main entrance to the recreational park is through Cedral de Jardin de Dota.

There is a second access to the recreational park through the internal road of Hacienda La Lucha, which is only for 4×4 vehicles.

To be taken into account

  • We are a Pet Friendly space, you are responsible for carrying plastic bags to pick up your pet's waste and deposit it in the trash cans.
  • When you enter with your bicycle you will be charged an extra $4.
  • General admission to the recreational park allows you to spend the day and does not include any other activities. 
  • Children under 3 years old are free of charge.